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    1 Game: $5.99
    3 Games: $15.99
    Group 10pk: $49.99

    Unlimited Lasertag $25
    Unlimited Mon/Tue $15

    Minimum 3 years old

    Laser Tag Parties

    We have amazing discounts on Lazertag Birthday Parties for kids, teens, and "big kids" :)

    And also group parties for schools, churches, businesses, sports teams, boy & girls scouts, and more

    Daily Featured Games

    Monday: Space Marines 5
    Tuesday: Zombies vs Survivors
    Wednesday: Sniper Training
    Thursday: Highlander
    Weekends: Capture the Flag

    NEW Next-Gen Laser Tag System

    Unlike Anything in Omaha!

    We've just renovated our Lasertag system and arena with a completely new Laserforce Next-Gen Black Ops Laser Tag! It offers features and powerups unlike anything in Omaha:

    Track Your Results:

    Get your FREE Power Card when buying 2+ games of Lasertag or Unlimited Lasertag. Power Cards are easy to use. Just touch your card to the front of your battlesuit and it will activate your player profile. After your laser tag game, you and your friends can view your stats and achievement progression on one of our 3 touch screen kiosks.

    Awesome New Themes!

    Wizarding Lasertag

    Release your inner wizard! Train up new spells and duel against the other houses to see who can compete to have the highest score. Learn spells for fireballs, shield charms, and find the invisibility cloak at any of the arena's 3 class bases. Dominate the other houses for the cup championship by controlling both of the beacons at the same time. Tons of thematic fun for adults and kids alike. Plus we are now booking birthday parties for kids and adults with the Wizarding Tag theme.

    Rebel Squad Lasertag

    This galaxy is no longer far, far away... we've brought Rebel Squad Lasertag to the Family Fun Center XL! Join the dark or light side, then battle it out in an epic space battle. Capture plans for the empire's new weapon or the hidden location of the rebel's base - then return to your team's base for tons of points. Powerup with multipliers on the beacons. Super cool thematic fun for adults that even kids will enjoy. Now booking birthday parties for kids and adults with the Rebel Squad theme.

    Skill Based Leveling

    Built into the the skill level system is an automatic handicapping system that creates a level playing field between new players and experienced players. For example, an experienced player with a Power Card who is level 5 or 6 must zap level 1 and 2 players three times to deactivate them. While new level 1 players only have to zap higher players once.

    Amazing Powerups:

    Power Cards let you choose your own unique codename so you can earn awesome laser tag power ups like invulnerability, missiles or even nukes! As you level up you unlock special abilities unique to each level.

    Hundreds of Achievements:

    In addition to skill level advancement, players can also participate in challenges to unlock hundreds of achievements. The on-board computer will notify players when they have completed a challenge. After the game, swipe your Power Card on any kiosk to check which achievements you've earned. Unlocking achievements will unlock further more difficult challenges... Are you up to the challenge? Here are some examples:

    Intermediate Game Modes

    If this is your FIRST game we will have you play a standard game of Black Ops Lasertag which will usually involve 2 or 3 teams. However after your first game we will move you on to the next step to experience INTERMEDIATE Black Ops Lasertag Games. These easy-to-learn games are super fun and a great way for players to hone their skills as they prepare for ADVANCED Games. Read below for details on our 7 most popular Intermediate Games:

    Advanced Game Modes

    If you've mastered intermediate game modes or are looking for a bigger challenge it's time for ADVANCED Black Ops Lasertag! Learn to fire and evade missiles, detonate nukes, fire accurately, survive on limited lives and more. These game modes are complicated, take several games to learn well, and may also be elimination games. For these reasons, advanced game modes recommended for players with UNLIMITED LASERTAG.

    Black Ops Theme

    The coolest Laser Tag system needs the coolest theme. Black Ops Lasertag has arrived. You've been trained to become an elite special forces unit sent anywhere your help is needed. Your should speakers will take you right into the action of combat with Black Ops special effects and instructions from your commanding officer. The arena is equipped with 8 special white-flashing military targets which only take one shot to get easy extra points. There are multiple video-beacon targets in different areas which you can shoot for awesome powerups or special scoring based on the game mode. And for team games we have bases for up to 3 teams which are evenly spread out in our arena for balance team play. Bases are used for receive power-ups, destroyed for points or even captured and more depending on the game mode.

    Mission Briefing

    Want to be fully prepared for Black Ops Lasertag action BEFORE you arrive? Then watch our briefing video below so you'll know just what to expect. (Note: all players are still be required to watch the video before games for safety & legal reasons)

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