Paintball FPS Pricing


    1 Game: $6.99
    Group 10pk: $49.99

    Minimum 8 years old

    Paintball Parties

    We have amazing discounts on Paintball Birthday Parties for kids, teens, and "big kids" :)

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    Paintball: First Person Shooter

    Paintball Like You've Never Seen It Before!

    Paintball is definitely the LOUDEST attraction at the Family Fun Center XL! When you have 8 players all blasting their paintball guns at various team targets in the arena at the same time it sure gets your adrenaline pumping. You've got limited ammo so make every shot count to ensure that your team gets the most points before time runs out! Paintball FPS is playable by adults, teens and kids as young as 8 years old.

    A Unique Game Of Paintball

    Our version of Paintball is completely unlike anything else you've seen before! You'll find yourself in a first-person shooting gallery where players are split into 2 teams. When being briefed you'll be told to GO GO GO, the clock starts ticking, music starts jamming, and players start shooting at the targets as they light up or at knock down targets. You'll need to be conservative with your shots because when you run out you're done... this is not a race but it is a test of accuracy. When the clock runs out after 6 minutes the team with the most points on the Giant LED Scoreboard at the back of the arena WINS!

    Arena and Equipment

    Our Paintball First Person Shooter arena is an Indoor Arena, so don't worry about the weather because you can come play rain or shine. We're the only indoor arena in the tri-state area! The arena has barrels, tires, crates and many other themed obstacles.
    We provide all of the equipment you need. The price of a game includes: the paintball marker (gun), air, eye protection, and 1 hopper of paintless paintballs (no-mess reballs, used by pro-players for practice). Our equipment must be used, you may not bring your own equipment.


    The theme of Paintball First Person Shooter is mysterious... You've been recruited by the local militia to keep safety in town. Our city has been facing an uprising of our own citizens who seem to be attacking us. No one seems to know what's causing it. If you want to survive you've decided you'd better help out. The local militia's brash commander is going to test your accuracy with a gun to see if you should join their team. Show him you've got what it takes.

    Mission Briefing

    Want to be fully prepared for Paintball First Person Shooter action BEFORE you arrive? Then watch our briefing video below so you'll know just what to expect. (Note: all players are still be required to watch the video before games for safety & legal reasons)

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