Soccer Mini-Golf Pricing


    Per Person: $5.99
    Kids (under 55"): $4.99
    Seniors (60+): $4.99

    (Plus Tax)

    Soccer Mini-Golf Parties

    We have amazing discounts on Soccer Glow-Golf Birthday Parties for kids, teens, and "big kids" :)

    And also group parties for schools, churches, businesses, sports teams, boy & girls scouts, and more

    Soccer Mini-Golf


    The First Soccer Mini-Golf Course in the U.S.A.!

    The Family Fun Center XL is very proud to announce the addition of SOCCER MINI-GOLF to our list of Attractions. What is Soccer Mini-Golf you ask?

    • Soccer Mini-Golf is the crazy smash-up between the world’s favorite sport of soccer and the fun of mini-golf!
    • Each player kicks a mini-soccer ball with their foot, avoiding obstacles and counting every shot. The fewer shots the better. If you ball goes off the course that counts as an extra shot.
    • When the ball lands in the cup count up your total shots on that hole. The fewest total shots after 18 holes wins!

    Soccer Mini-Golf is great fun for kids, teens and adults. It is available for purchase as individual game and is included in our popular Mario/Luigi combos or Unlimited Play packages. Soccer teams and soccer clubs too can come enjoy a casual game of Soccer Mini-Golf to improve foot skills and build team unity.